Blast the major labels

It was not until 1995 that Danielle decided to return with a new and tough album, "Timber Tongue", mainly recorded with digital equipment. "Timber Tongue" was a step into a new direction and released on her own label mysteriously called "Biter Of Thorpe". The name, as she explained in a 1998 interview with Kaleidoscope magazine, derived from her childhood. "Thorpe" was the name of the junior school she had attended, and when little Danielle, being a real troublemaker even in her earliest years, bit a schoolmate in the arm, she was thenceforth nicknamed "Biter of Thorpe".

The new label gave Danielle the chance to re-release old material, for example the recordings from the Lemon Kittens period. And then there was "Comatose", a double CD set compiled of old and unreleased songs, ranging from 1985's "Yummer Yummer Man" to noisy, almost Industrial-style songs from the 1990ies ("Blight", "Mongatron").

Distribution is handled by World Serpent, a deal set up by her old friend Karl Blake. This seems to be a rather odd connection, as Danielle's music obviously does not have too much in common with World Serpent bands like Current 93 or Nurse With Wound, but then again Danielle never had a problem with being the outsider.

She has even been involved with acting in films, notably Irish film director Neil Jordan's 1984 werewolf movie "Company of Wolves" and "Chimera", a film by Holly Warburton, the artist who has done most of the cover photographs for Danielle's records.

So what is Danielle up to in the future? Apart from the record label, it seems she is not very much involved in the music business at the moment. Her latest releases, on the other hand, indicate a strong drift away from her 1980ies' roots, the urge for a new beginning. So maybe we are just facing the calm before the storm right now.

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