Danielle Dax Discography

Some Releases (albums only):

- Pop Eyes, 1983 (Awesome)

- Jesus Egg That Wept, 1984 (Awesome)

- Inky Bloaters 1987 (Awesome), 1988 (Sire)

- The Janice Long Session EP, 1987
(Strange Fruit)

- Dark Adapted Eye, 1988 (Sire)

- Blast The Human Flower, 1990 (Sire)

- Timber Tongue, 1995 (Biter of Thorpe)

- Comatose Non-Reaction, 1995 (Biter of Thorpe)


Lemon Kittens Re-releases:

- We Buy A Hammer For Daddy, 1993 (Biter of Thorpe)

- The Big Dentist, 1994 (Biter of Thorpe)


(Big Hollow Man):

"Hey yeah, walking in the valley of decision
Hey yeah, reap all the wages of sin

A big hollow man
With a fistful of sham
Came a-walking across the sea

All leathery charms
As he pinwheeled his arms
And directed his gaze at me

(He said) God will provide the way
You read about it every day
(I'm telling ya) All you gotta do is pray
And furnish his house with silver"


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