Living With Eating Disorders
Loathe Me PLC

Living With Eating Disorders, a slightly eccentric foursome from London, mix electronic sounds and noisy guitar escapades with the characteristic vocal style of chanteuse Andrea Kerr. Here's a brief chat with the band's willy-nilly spokeswoman Andrea.

EoIpso: Your first demo was titled "Selling Self Hate". That sounds a bit cynical. Who do you sell self-hate to?

Andrea: Ha ha. Self-hate I am full of, so if I really could sell it then I would have a multi-million selling company! I could sell shares, I would be a director of "Loathe Me PLC"! I chose the name when I was thinking about the order of the songs on the demo. I thought that there should be some arrangement of mood, you know, happy song, sad song, that kind of thing, when I realized that they were pretty much all sad! I thought it was funny in a way that I was churning out all of my insecurities and misery and offering it to other people. Who? I haven't sold it to anyone yet. No surprise there then!

EoIpso: Why do you hate yourself? Why not others?

Andrea: I hate myself because I am a bad person and deserve to be stoned! Ha! I don't know why. Until now, until being asked, I never really assumed I was alone with this feeling. Doesn't everyone hate themselves? I think everyone hates lots of things about themselves. If they didn't then they wouldn't try to improve things. I guess focusing on the things I hate about myself is just a pessimistic quirk I have. The glass is half empty or half full. I could focus on the things I like, there are one or two, but I don't. I don't hate others because I see good in everyone. If I have feelings of hatred towards someone then I usually write about it and then erase what that person was to me. There are one or two people that I have conditioned myself not to know anymore. I find it hard to think of one person I hate, they just don't exist. Aren't I a ray of sunshine!

EoIpso: Your second demo is called "More Than This". That reminded me of a tune by Roxy Music...

Andrea: Well, I called it "More Than This" because it is the last thing I sing on "Envy". I think it's the most unpleasant thing I say out of all three songs on the demo. It's pure greed, me being too possessive. The odd e-mail or brief chat isn't enough. I want more than that, all or nothing. Even if the "all" is hate or fear rather than love or admiration, I want it all. Does that sound spoiled? I don't mean it like that, I mean it in a more passionate way.

EoIpso: Tell me about your support for the Self-Injury Awareness organization. What's the inspiration behind it?

Andrea: I wanted to start an awareness movement myself but did some investigation and realized someone had beaten me to it (no hard feelings)! So, I offered to help spread the word in any way I could. The reason for my support is the ignorance people have displayed when broaching the subject of my own SI (self injury). I have injured for years and the worst thing about it is the bloody hard time you get from people who know nothing about it. I don't know how many times I have had to bite my lip when some ignorant fool is arrogant enough to think they can "cure" me by saying "you are a pretty girl, you don't need to do this to get attention". If I can just help raise awareness so that self-injurers don't have to deal with ignorance as well as SI then I will be happy. OK, rant over.

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