Cars and horses

EoIpso: When did you move from Glasgow to London, and why?

Andrea: I moved to London in February '95, almost 8 years ago. I moved from Glasgow for a change of scenery. I felt that I had started to do things for other people rather than myself. I chose a silly course at university that I didn't want to do because someone advised me to, I then dropped out because someone told me to, I got a job that didn't suit me because someone asked me to. I just couldn't say no to people anymore and thought the best thing for me to do would be to run away! I had tried to get a couple of bands together and failed miserably and decided that the best way to meet new people who were likeminded when it came to making music was to move city and start again. I was going to move to Edinburgh, as being a bit of a coward it wasn't too far away if I needed to come home, but my mum was thinking of moving to London so I said I would move with her. It was like a dream come true, I had been to London to see bands in the past and it always seemed so exciting. It's as well I am this far from home cause I get dreadfully homesick and if I were closer I would just fall back into old habits and move back.

EoIpso: Let's talk about cars. Some of your lyrics use cars in a metaphorical way: "like a car crash... you're exciting" and "...this car won't stop. I drive too fast and brakes don't work". What's exciting about a car crash? I remember you told me you didn't use public transport, so do you have a car?

Andrea: No car. No car, so no crashes! I don't need one where I live, it's quite central so I walk most places. That's why I don't use public transport much. "I drive too fast". I do drive too fast! I drive too fast and my heart races. The adrenalin is addictive and I push it a little further every time. The feeling of cornering on two wheels is unbeatable. A car crash is just taking that feeling to the limit, to some sort of climax. I use cars to describe lots of things because of the emotions I associate with them being similar to life. Excitement and fear, but also feelings of comfort and security. There is nothing better than being inside a warm comfortable car when it's dark and raining outside and you can hear the rain on the roof and that sound "shhhhhhhhhh" when you drive through a patch of water on the road. Music sounds magical in cars and night driving is hypnotic, like being in a dream like state. Stars and trees all twisting above you as you change direction. Some of my fondest memories are of being in cars. In Scotland, as a three year old, there was a wonderful view of the stars to be seen while lying along the back seat of the car. I miss having a car. And horses. I miss cars and horses.

EoIpso: Andrea, you seem to be the spokeswoman for the band. What about the other members - do they never give interviews? Aren't they upset if you are always in the limelight?

Andrea: Oh. Do you think I should have mentioned the interviews to them? No they aren't upset (I hope). Occasionally we get questions that are intended for all of us to answer. Jared likes one-word answers, which I guess is more than Mark and Jamie! Jared likes to hide. When we play live he is always trying to set up directly behind someone else on the stage.
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Andrea and Jamie (in the background), live at the Camden Underworld Oct. 17, 2003

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