Meet the band

EoIpso: How about introducing the rest of the band to us? I realized you share the guitarist/bass player with Leisur::hive. How did that come about - and is it a permanent solution?

Andrea: Well, I stole him! No, not exactly. I saw him playing with Leisur::hive and liked him right away. He had seen us gig before, so I asked him if he would be interested in playing with us. We are now in a race with Leisur::hive to get some sort of contract with Mark Bishop's name on it to see who wins him! It's as permanent as anything unknown is, the two bands don't compete and so far haven't interfered with each other and we have supported Leisur::hive twice (sore fingers for Mark). Jared Hawkes plays keyboards and makes samples and something to do with computers that I don't quite understand, and Jamie Morrison plays drums and big springs and other metal objects that he "acquires".

EoIpso: How do you create new songs? Is it just the band jamming, or do you have a songwriter in the band that builds the tunes from scratch?

Andrea: Jared comes up with ideas on his computer, built from noises and samples and things he plays on keyboard. When he has something he is happy with he will play it to me and I find some words that I am liking at that moment and just sing. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Jared takes the music with the vocal and does a bit more work then passes it back to me again. Jared has lots of ideas on the computer and I have pages of words, they just need to meet each other on the right night.

EoIpso: You told me that some people are scared by the way you behave on stage when playing live. That's funny - after all, you're not a scary person, are you?

Andrea: No. Not scary at all. Unless, you are scared of small girls who self harm, get upset and shout a lot. I think people find it uncomforting rather than scary. I am genuinely terrified when I am up there, I am desperate to be accepted, so desperate I become a little unhinged and I think that worries people! I think I am more of a scared person than a scary person. When I am standing there onstage with people looking at me I feel like an animal in a cage, I should do something to be exciting or entertaining but I'm not, I'm just me, so I want to tear it all down and be something better. I would open my rib cage and show them inside to make them happy. Not so sure if we would get asked back after making that sort of mess though. I will make a mental note to save that for our last gig.

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Meet the band in an old psychiatric hospital's staircase: Jamie, Mark and Jared (clockwise)

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