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EoIpso: Rumour has it that you've got a record deal now. How did that come about?

Andrea: Well, I would love to know! It all happened really quickly. John Fryer (producer/engineer) has been offering to help us for a while with some recording. He has also been working with some other unsigned bands and just decided to start his own label. He called me up one day and said that he was thinking of doing this and what did I think, I said it was a great idea and he called the next day to say that his website would be online in 12 hours! It's still in its early stages and we have no contract so it's an informal sort of deal.

EoIpso: Wasn't "More Than This" produced by some famous guy? Honestly, I cannot hear much difference to your previous demo songs. Have I missed something?

Andrea: John Fryer is famous if you are into producers/engineers I guess! I think he is most well known for "Pretty Hate Machine" (by Nine Inch Nails) and he did a lot of work on early 4AD stuff. I really don't do his work justice by trying to summarize it quickly. He has worked with a lot of people. He only mixed "Lullaby" for us, we still recorded it the way we did all the previous stuff and the other songs on "More Than This" were mixed at home by Jared. I guess it's a case of "blink and you'll miss it"! He only worked on the first song and it's still us recording it at home in our own time so there shouldn't really be that much of a difference, I guess it's a good thing.

EoIpso: Oh, John Fryer did the mixing for one of your songs? He is very famous, isn't he? I do not know much about him, but I'm pretty sure he used to be a bandmember in This Mortal Coil a long time ago. Well, he should know how to run a record label. What kind of person is he and would you like to work with him in the future?

Andrea: Yes, he was in This Mortal Coil. John is great. He is so laid back and so childlike in his attitude towards things that I would find stressful. He had the idea for a label one evening so decided to set it up the next day. He is the sort of person that sees his goal and doesn't see any reasons for not getting that goal. When he has suggested things for the band to do in the past he always says "it's easy, just do it". I am looking forward to working with him and feel comfortable with him so I think only good things should come of it.

EoIpso: I think it's quite amusing that some people for whatever reason tag you a Goth band. How weird is that? I cannot spot anything Gothic in your music and appearance!

Andrea: I know. I'm not sure how we were tagged as Goth. Possibly because the last few gigs we have done were with Goth bands. I'm not exactly sure where we fit in but why we have been labelled Goth rather than another genre I can't answer. I can't even blame our appearance. I guess our music is darker than pop so it is easy for people to describe us to use that label.

EoIpso: How would you like to think of your music: is it mental (music that makes you think) or physical (music that makes you move your body). Or both?

Andrea: I think it's both but not in the way you describe physical. I think that it must be a little mental as people have told me about some of the songs making them cry and physical as I feel myself become tense and hold my breath for some of the songs. I can't imagine anyone dancing to them though. Maybe you could hit the dance floor to "Horsemilk", but I wouldn't even attempt walking down the road to feeling!

Epilogue: "Though this be madness, yet there is method in't." (from Shakespeare's "Hamlet")

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