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Once having gained a firm place in the premier league of international movie-score-writers, Morricone's soundtracks were given the attention they deserved, and the composer himself was honoured with a lot of awards.

The first award, the "Spoleto Cinema Award" was handed over to Morricone in 1969. The famous international institutions however did not acknowledge Morricone's work until 1985, when he was given the award of the British Academy of Film and Arts (BAFTA) for the soundtrack of Sergio Leone's epic masterpiece "Once upon a time in America".

This internationally acclaimed award was followed by awards for "The Mission" (BAFTA and Golden Globe Award, 1986), "The Untouchables" (BAFTA and Grammy Award 1988), and "Cinema Paradiso" (BAFTA, 1990). Apart from these awards, Morricone's soundtracks were nominated for the Oscar Award four times, namely for "Days of Heaven" (1979), "The Mission" (1986), "The Untouchables" (1988) and "Bugsy" (1992) - with little success, however: he was never granted the highly acclaimed Oscar trophy.

Nevertheless, Morricone gained several important awards in the 1990ies, for example the ASCAP- (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) Award (1994) and a special award of honour at the biannual "International Festival for Film-Music" (1999).
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The highly acclaimed soundtrack for "The Mission".

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