Survival Research Laboratories
Machine Mayhem

For the past 25 years Survival Research Laboratories have been threatening the rest of mankind with mechanized presentations that express their cynical view of post-war, post-industrial, post-modernist, post-anything society.

It is hard to say what exactly Survival Research Laboratories are, but it is easy to recognize that they are definitely not about having fun - well, at least they are having fun, but in a very odd way. Some people might mistake their shows that usually incorporate self-made robots, rockets, flame throwers or mechano-animals (made out of dead animal bodies) for a merrymaking, but if so, it were a carnival from the darkest Underworld. Survival Research Laboratories (short: SRL) comprises the warped intellectual and mechanical talents of a dedicated team gathered around mastermind Mark Pauline.

Pauline has founded SRL way back in 1979, since then an ever changing team of inspired technicians have worked out and staged more than 50 performances. These gifted contemporaries however do not aim for construction, but for systematic destruction. They build weird and perverted machines that are tormented and destroyed during the shows.

Sometimes, the machines run amok, fight, torment and virtually kill each other in front of the spectators. It's a theatre of warfare and cruelty, Armageddon come alive. The machines and robots are carefully re-built out of stripped down and disassembled equipment and remote-controlled during the performances. Obviously, each show is unique as most of the machinery does not survive the torment. The SRL crew will then spend countless hours in the assembly room of their San Francisco headquarters to create a new set of machines for another chapter in their misanthropic theatre.
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A Million Inconsiderate Experiments 1996

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> A man and his manifesto
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