The shows

Each of SRL's performances has a different cast of machines, a different plot, a different crew, and of course a different title. The first official SRL performance "Machine Sex" was being held in 1979 at the Chevron Station, San Francisco. In this performance, pigeons played the part of martyrs, and the musical soundtrack was inspired by Albert Camus' "The Stranger".

In November 1982, the impressive and aptly named show "A Cruel And Relentless Plot To Pervert The Flesh Of Beasts To Unholy Uses" featured a huge robot, mummies, a laser unit, mechano-animals and an automated mechanical hand. During the preparations for the performance, Mark had an accident while working on a rocket motor. The machine blew up and his right hand was severely damaged.

In the early days, Mark was often supported by likeminded artists Monte Cazazza, Boyd Rice, and exceptional drummer Z'ev. Mark never showed particular interest in creating soundtracks for SRL's performances, so this was mainly done by friends (read a review on an SRL-soundtrack-CD by Mark Pauline and GX Jupitter Larsen here).

In fact, with all the large-scale machinery used it is a bit hard for SRL to perform outside the USA. They have however managed to successfully bring their outstanding mixture of avantgarde performance art, perverted killing technology, black humour and trashy cheap thrills to Europe several times.

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Some SRL performances:

- "Machine Sex" (1979)

- "Mysteries Of The Reactionary Mind" (1981)

- "An Unfortunate Spectacle Of Violent Self-Destruction" (1981)

- "A Cruel And Relentless Plot To Pervert The Flesh Of Beasts To Unholy Uses" (1981)

- "An Epidemic Of Fear: The Relief Of Mass Hysteria Through Expressions Of Senseless Jungle Hate" (1984)

- "Delusions Of Expediency: How To Avoid Responsibility For Social Disintegration By Acting Without Principle Under The Pretenses Of Utility" (1987)

- "An Original Machine Performance Tailored Especially For The City Of Copenhagen" (1988)

- "The Careless Abuse Of Premediated Uncertainty: An Initiation Into The Disastrous Consequences Of Manipulating Sudden And Seemingly Unforeseen Events" (1990)

- "Crime Wave" (1994)

- "Increasing The Latent Period In A System Of Remote Destructibility" (1997)

- "What Is Real" (1998)

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