Pamelia Kurstin
Attack of the green pedals

Amidst Brooklyn's hustle and bustle, thereminist Pamelia Kurstin sets out to create an ever-changing wall of sound that shifts between avantgarde and experimental music. For the audience, it means the slow descent into a sonic maelstrom of mesmerizing drone-like quality.

Passion for the ether

The artist known as Hypnotique is a Jill of many artistic trades: she's into cabaret, performance art and music, plays several key and wind instruments and loves to collaborate with other creative souls. However, she is not as gregarious with her latest project.

Living With Eating Disorders
Loathe Me PLC

Living With Eating Disorders, a slightly eccentric foursome from London, mix electronic sounds and noisy guitar escapades with the characteristic vocal style of chanteuse Andrea Kerr. Here's a brief chat with the band's willy-nilly spokeswoman Andrea.

The intergalactic connection

The Leisurehive on the planet Argolis is perhaps not one of a kind. Leisurehive 2, the intra-terrestrial branch, is situated at the outer skirts of London and provides serious entertainment inspired by the independent music scene of the 1980ies.

The wonderful and twisted world of:
Danielle Dax

Danielle Dax is mostly remembered for her outstanding fancy dresses and a couple of highly remarkable strange pop tunes that always showed a little bit too inaccessible for being a real chart success. But there's a lot more to Danielle, the elusive heroine.

Survival Research Laboratories
Machine mayhem

For the past 25 years Survival Research Laboratories have been threatening the rest of mankind with mechanized presentations that express their cynical view of post-war, post-industrial, post-modernist, post-anything society.

Robert George Meek
The dark side of the croon

1960ies' British soundengineer, record producer and label boss Robert George Meek still has an enthusiastic following, and rightly so. From today's perspective, Robert George (Joe) Meek can be seen as one of the creative spirits behind the "independent" concept.

In memoriam Derek Jarman
The cineastic silence

Derek Jarman had a rare fascination for the graininess of Super-8 technology, unusual technique and stark themes. Proud of his eccentricity and gayness, Jarman shared his radical visions with challenging artists and musicians of his time.

Ennio Morricone
Once upon a time in the West

There's only a few film composers whose name is as closely linked to a certain movie genre as is Ennio Morricone's. The old stereotype dates back to 1964 when Ennio Morricone was asked to write the soundtrack for Sergio Leone's Italo-Western-movie "For A Few Dollars More".

Dead, undead

Goth-legend Bauhaus have churned out many a classic tune, but "Bela Lugosi is dead" has always been their best remembered song. In 1998, the band have successfully reunited - since then however there has not been a lot of activity. Bauhaus: dead, undead.