Seventh Harmonic
The Awakening CD

Seventh Harmonic are a female threesome from London with a preference for dreamy, ethereal and otherworldly soundscapes. "The Awakening" is their first CD and shows the band have a talent for writing memorable songs for the quiet moments in life.

The six songs on "The Awakening" come slow and fragile, hence show there must be some thoughtful characters behind the music. Seventh Harmonic obviously chose this way of expressing themselves, because it reflects the way they see the world.

Caroline Jago is responsible for most of the compositions, she has been with a couple of bands in the past, notably bands with a strong gothic flavour, like Cries of Tammuz and This Burning Effigy. Seventh Harmonic's music however is of a different breed and sometimes reminds of the sort of bands legendary label 4AD used to sign in the 1980ies.

Some say it sounds like Dead Can Dance (another 4AD reference), but that is a little exaggerated too, for Seventh Harmonic lack the grandesse and of course experience of the Australian ideal. On the other hand, the songs sound fresh and pure, due to the straightforward and minimal production. Spacey and orchestral synthesized sounds and programmed drum loops mix with vocalist Fionna's characteristic voice and, sometimes, Eilish McCracken's violin.

"The Awakening" is certainly not a CD you would feel you had to rave about, but, given the limited (financial) possibilities of an underground band, it sounds promising. There is a follow-up available, which I have not heard though, so I can only guess it's a step forward.

(rh 03/MMII)

Seventh Harmonic
17, Collins Court
Forest Road
London E8 3BS, UK
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Seventh Harmonic have a strong favour for ethereal soundscapes