The Sound Of Black Cloggs CD

Bocksholm is an "all-star" band project combining the talents of Peter Andersson (of Raison D' Etre and Stratum Terror fame) and the artist known as Lina Baby Doll (another Peter Andersson, Deutsch Nepal). "The Sound Of Black Cloggs" is their second joint effort.

A follow-up to their debut album "Excursions By The Bank Of The Black River", "The Sound Of Black Cloggs" combines live recordings from last year's God Blast America! festival, held in New York, and 2 new tracks. One of the tracks has been released before, namely on the compilation album "Perception Multiplied, Multiplicity Unified" Swedish label Cold Meat Industry have dedicated to Raison D' Etre's Peter Andersson's various side-projects.

Given the creative output the world has hitherto witnessed from both Andersson and Lina Baby Doll, it is definitely not very surprising that "The Sound Of Black Cloggs" creates a highly ominous feeling. It has to be said that the twosome have adopted the name Bocksholm not for its subliminal qualities (it sounds a trifle mysterious and creepy), but as a reference to their hometown Boxholm.

Boxholm is a small town in the Southern part of Sweden, and one of the local attractions (apart from wooden holiday sheds) is the steelworks, operated by Boxholm Stål AB. The sound of the steel works must have been a major influence for this release, we are talking about utterly threatening sound collages, shredded to pieces by harsh rhythms, and the occasional appearance of distorted voices.

Despite the narrow stylistic framework, "The Sound Of Black Cloggs" shows an astonishing amount of variation and is indeed an excellent release. The sound engineering has been handled convincingly, too - quite important for a live recording. Those with a favour for unforgiving soundscapes should definitely have a listen, I recommend "Bi-Rath, The Beast Of The Forge" and "Kommisarie Olofsson" as a starting point.

Label: Tesco (not to be mistaken with the British supermarket chain!)

(rb 08/MMIII, t&a: rh)

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Bocksholm, inspired by the sound of a Swedish steelworks