Coil remixed by DraZen
The Plastic Spider Thing CD

DraZen of Swiss radical performance art group Black Sun Productions has remixed a couple of Coil tracks in order to create a soundtrack for Black Sun's ritualistic work "Plastic Spider Thing".

Black Sun Productions is basically a group of three radical performance artists, DraZen, Massimo and Pierce. The threesome are closely related to Coil, as Massimo and Pierce are part of the Coil line-up on their current European live tour. Hence, the Plastic Spider Thing soundtrack could be seen as some kind of Black Sun's tribute to their mentors.

But of course, there's more to it. The Plastic Spider Thing is a ritualistic fetish performance centered around the complex relationship between the spider and the fly, or more general: the hunter and the victim. Black Sun call the Plastic Spider Thing a "performancoid installation", and its 23 parts explicitly show how the "spider" paralyzes the victim, then strips him bare, wraps him in plastic and sucks him out.

DraZen has used both old and new Coil-tracks for this soundtrack. Some excerpts have been extensively reworked and are barely recognizable, while others stay very close to the original. Some extra samples have been added, as well as strange effects - that "loose contact"-signal on track 2 is very intriguing!

For most of the running time, the soundtrack is a very sombre, tranquil and dream-like affair, so listening via headphones is definitely recommended. At the end of the day, "Plastic Spider Thing" sounds very much like leftover recordings from Coil's own archive, but sadly missing the musical genius of the original. After all, it's just a remix, right?

(rh, pictures: black sun)

Label: Eskaton

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"Plastic Spider Thing" cover featuring Massimo and Pierce