Giraffe CD

Richard Warren, aka Echoboy, has re-discovered the beauty of the ordinary pop song. 12 songs are gathered on "Giraffe", all of them really accessible tunes, but not without the odd twists and warps.

While others are trying to abandon conventional songwriting methods, "Echoboy" Richard Warren from Nottingham goes back to the roots of all popular music: the predictable structure, the melodic hook lines, the rememberable vocals. And "Giraffe" has a strong 1980ies' flavour about it too, sort of a 21st century version of Human League, OMD, or even U2.

So nothing special about this release? Oh, but there is. First of all, though "Giraffe" proves to be a very accessible album, there's always the occasional glitch that brings in a slightly odd atmosphere. The greatness lies in the small details here.

Though the songs seem very consistent, "Giraffe" is in fact made up of sound material multi-instrumentalist Richard has recorded over a period of 3 years. Star producer Flood, who has in the past collaborated with really big names like U2 and Depeche Mode, has lent Richard a helping hand in evaluating and mixing the source material, and while being at it he has done the whole production work.

Fortunately, the production is not too clean, and if you listen carefully, you can easily spot the differences in the bits and pieces that make up the tunes. Nice work, and a slightly surprising, but promising album from Echoboy.


Label: Mute

Endlich Urlaub, at last the holiday ("Don't Destroy Me")