The Ghost of Lemora
More Dodgy Demos CD

London foursome The Ghost Of Lemora are often described by critics as a traditional Goth band, and this demo-CD does nothing to prove this wrong.

The Ghost Of Lemora must have carefully studied the works of seminal post-punk and Goth bands of the late 1970ies and early 1980ies: they have a bandname that reminds of a live-album by The Damned ("The Legendary Curse of Lemora"), a Dr. Avalanche-style drum sequencer that churns out machine-like danceable rhythms, and a singer that sounds quite a bit like Peter Murphy. Which obviously means they have re-invented a wheel that's been up and rolling twenty-five years ago.

On the other hand, there's more to The Ghost Of Lemora than you would spot at first sight. Unlike most new Goth-bands theirs is a healthy dose of irony and humour (well, wicked humour of course). There's also a strong fascination for kitsch, B-movies, cheap 1920ies' glamour, and Marc Bolan-esque glitter rock. Lyrics-wise, "Gallery Girls" is dedicated to infamous American actress Tallulah Bankhead's female fan club, the rest of the songs stays pretty much within a typical Goth framework.

How about the music then? Well, there's a lot of energy in the songs and even enough hook-line quality to appeal to a wider audience. Sometimes, the guitars sound too "traditional rock" for my taste and song number six ("Kissing The Plague") features a weird synth sequence that wobbles along out of time, more bug than feature I guess.

Still, given the fact that this is a self-produced demo-CD by a young band, The Ghost of Lemora certainly have the potential to develop a style of their own. Right now, it's more of a deja-vu experience. A follow-up to this demo-CD is available in the shape of "The Silhouette Scene" EP which comprises four songs.

(rh 04/MMIV)

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