John Hegre
A Nice Place To Leave CD (3 inch)

John Hegre, a Norwegian jack-of-all-musical-trades, has traveled the worlds of Jazz, Noise and Pop likewise throughout his musical career. "A Nice Place To Leave" is his first solo album, albeit a very short one: it comprises just three improvisational pieces.

"A Nice Place To Leave" is not only short in playing time, but also in diameter size: John Hegre has chosen the rare 3-inch CD format for his solo debut. The cover artwork is intriguing, too, showing an old-fashioned black-and-white photograph of an elephant marching towards the camera. A nice place to leave - for the elephant, probably.

Now, if that sounds a little bit confusing, listen to the three improvisations captured on the disc. All of them are based on a brooding atmosphere of low-frequency drones, not unsimilar a giant dinosaur slowly stalking the earth in search for a hapless creature to feast upon. On top of that, fierce and disquieting noise cuts through the groundwork occasionally (and without any kind of warning). A promising contender for the perfect soundtrack for a nuclear winter, perhaps.

Major criticism must go to the "predictable unpredictability" of the pieces. Once you get used to the brutal sonic interruptions that fraction the slow motion hum, the surprise factor is done with. Otherwise, a nice introduction to Norway's experimental music scene, especially the improvisational outfit Jazzkammer, whose member John Hegre actually is. Still, a bit short for my taste.

(rh 06/MMIII)

Label: Dekorder
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"A Nice Place To Leave", a very "compact" disc.