3 Ton Edition CD

Leisur::hive have gone their own way and released their second album with no backing from a professional record label. As you would expect, the new album sounds more mature and refined than its predecessor "Spasm", yet still feels as cuddly as sandpaper.

"3 Ton Edition" comprises three Leisur::hive-songs that have been around for quite some time in one form or another, plus a couple of newer titles. The album kicks off with the mid-paced atmospheric "Try To Be Still" before launching the manically overdriven "On Sectional Pad", astonishingly straying on riff-Rock territory.

"Get Clean", a slow-motion leviathan of a song borne by a massive bass-line and strange violin harmonies, is the main attraction of the album according to yours truly. A real gem and the suggested starting point, it fabulously combines fragility and coarseness, dare I say it reminds a bit of the Swans circa their fabulous "Cop" album plus a touch of the Velvet Underground.

Time for a more experimental tune: "Aeroplane" is based on a sparse arrangement of simple melody lines, reverse samples, echo effects and surrealist lyrics courtesy of Daniel Knowler and Living With Eating Disorders' vocalist Andrea Kerr. "Opaque" returns to more common fields, again some riff-Rock references here. "Neck Decision" is one of the older songs and features a quite disturbing aura based on a slower-paced rhythm, a wailing wall of distorted guitars, and cynical lyrics. Last song in line, "Waiting Rooms", is pretty much in the same mood, but a little more melodious.

So, to sum it all up, "3 Ton Edition" definitely is a worthy successor to Leisur::hive's debut album "Spasm". It offers little surprises, the punchy bass lines still play a very prominent part in Leisur::hive's music, as do Daniel Knowler's sometimes cynical and almost emotionless recitals. Leisur::hive do borrow a little from the post-Punk heritage, but they don't really fit into a specific pigeonhole, which is probably why some music journalists tag them an "arty" outfit.

Be it as it may, despite the spikey outline some of Leisur::hive's songs at their very core feature an almost melodious hookline quality, yet certainly not enough to lure hoi polloi. At the end of the day, it's still stark and slightly depressing bedtime music, a bit weird and dangerous to know.

More info on the whos, whys, wherefores and whatnots in this classic interview with Daniel from Leisur::hive.

(rh 03/MMV)

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Stark and slightly depressing bedtime music