Spasm CD

With their bandname borrowed from a Doctor Who episode and musical influences apparently ranging from 1960ies' Psychedelia to Atonal Music, Leisurehive follow their own distinctive path. All this is summed up on their current release "Spasm".

Leisurehive is one of those bands that are not easy to pigeonhole, which is nice of course (and a rare quality today!). If you were hard pressed to drop names in order to describe their musical style, you'd probably think of Cop Shoot Cop or The Fall. Nonconformists with an open mind, that is. Daniel (vocals, guitar) and Maria (violin, guitar) form the core of Leisurehive, bassist Joanne seems to have been replaced by Mark Bishop after the recording sessions for "Spasm", and Bob Leith is the new live drummer.

"Spasm" is Leisurehive's second album CD, and, judging from that, the band provide an astonishing amount of sheer energy. Most titles are driven by a mighty, mighty bass line, layered by a wall of, sometimes very dissonant, guitar noise. Add to that Daniel's monotonous rants, twisted melodies, plus a straightforward production, and you get a very promising album that stands way above many current independent releases.

Yes, the production work is just right for this kind of music. No glossy polish, the jagged edges left intact, so even the more accessible songs have kept their original harshness. That's an important thing, as Leisurehive clearly have something to say: the monotony, bitterness and cynicism in their songs obviously mirror the way they see the world.

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Label: Operative

P.O.Box 552
Surrey, SM52BG
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Leisurehive: a lot of tension, and a bit of resolution