Living With Eating Disorders
More Than This CD (Demo)

Three new tracks by Living With Eating Disorders, delivered in their characteristic style - and with a litte help from mastermind John Fryer who has remixed one of the songs. "More Than This" feels a bit like a refined add-on to the band's first Demo-CD "Selling Self Hate".

There's just three songs on "More Than This", but these are more coherent than before, in fact they blend into each other so smoothly you would be forgiven to think that you are listening to a single tune.

Opener "Lullaby" has been one of the best MP3-songs Living With Eating Disorders have published on their website and here it is again, this time re-mixed by John Fryer, whom cognoscenti will doubtlessly remember as the producer of numerous record releases (many of them on the 4AD label) and member in 4AD-supergroup This Mortal Coil. John has altered a few bits here and there, but he's done a very subtle job and overall the song remains the same, except it's 30 seconds longer now due to the gentle fade-out that blends into song number two, titled "Envy".

"Envy" is quite characteristic for Living With Eating Disorders: it's built upon a very simple slow-motion beat and atmospheric soundscapes before culminating in a short aggressive interlude. Last in line is the almost ethereal "Fading Softly", a fragile cobweb of sounds spun around the moody voice of singer Andrea Kerr. And yes, this song is indeed fading softly towards the end.

If "More Than This" were a painting, it would be a surrealistic and pale watercolour job, with a few bold spots scattered all over the canvas. How about the colour? Well, that would be candy apple grey.

(rh 11/MMIII)

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A rhapsody in candy apple grey