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Dutch avantgarde-film amateur Nico B. has created an extensive and posh looking book, a tribute to the flamboyant cult figure Rozz Williams. "From Christian Death To Death" exclusively features original artwork and lyrics by Rozz Williams.

Roger Painter (better known as Rozz Williams) died on April 1, 1998, and not only did he leave behind sad faces, but also a lot of gossip and superficial knowledge about his person. No wonder, as Rozz has always been an enigmatic character and prided in offending the rest of the world.

Provocation and a deliberate incorporation of social taboos have always been a vital part of his oeuvre, be it as singer and lyricist of American Death-Rock-legend Christian Death, be it as a strange poet and enthusiastic painter. As often, behind Rozz' rude attitude lay a vulnerable and highly sensible man - one who never managed to cope with the peculiarities of Western society, its do's and don'ts. An introvert loner to whom artistic expression was more than a shallow pose.

Dutch-born Nico B., editor of this book, is not some music journalist trying to commercially exploit the cult about Rozz Williams - he leaves that to others. Nico rather presents Rozz from a view as a close friend and co-producer and has put much effort in coming up to this challenge. A lot of work has obviously been invested in concise investigation, since the book contains a whole bunch of rare pictures, texts from interviews, and original lyrics.

Of course the chapters of the book are organized in a chronological order, starting with Rozz' most famous sphere of influence: a band called Christian Death. Even today, this band is often associated with Rozz, though the recent musical output of former band mate Valor has little to do with the early days and is filled with hackneyed awkwardness that only lowbrow listeners will indulge in.

The first Christian Death album "Only Theater of Pain" however was very much influenced by then 17-year-old Rozz Williams, his charismatic voice and existentialist lyrics rapidly becoming sort of a trade mark for the band. This initial release was followed by the albums "Death Wish", "Catastrophe Ballet" and "Ashes", all recorded by the "classic" formation with former Pompeji 99-members Gitane Demone, David Glass and Valor. Later, the band split up, as Christian Death rapidly drifted away from Rozz' ideas.

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