Sector 13
Black Current And Lime Light CD

The days of Western civilization are numbered, and just in case you haven't already noticed that, there's always Sector 13 to tell you. Expect a cynical, yet not all too serious, free-form soundtrack about the world as we know it.

Provided any sonic event may be classified as "music", Sector 13 are indeed musicians. Mind you, the soundscapes on "Black Current And Lime Light" have little in common with conventional song structures, let alone instrumental artistry. The back cover lists eight tracks with titles like "Everybody Die's" (sic!), yet there are thirteen track markers on the CD, so it's fair to assume that it doesn't really matter which is which.

"Black Current And Lime Light" consists of a constant flow of layered speech recordings (often in reverse mode), audio snippets from the telly and the radio, frantic noise, and sometimes sombre atmospheric sounds that place the listener inside a factory cooling tower or a jet engine. The idea is probably to create an ever-changing nightmarish soundtrack that reflects the horrors of the everyday grind, and it pretty much achieves to paint a bleak picture of the lamentable world we live in.

Surely, there's more than just a few misanthropic hints inside, and on a psychoacoustic level Sector 13 are almost on par with 1980ies' noisicians like Nocturnal Emissions. There is little resemblance to so-called "power electronics" though, as rhythmical patterns are few and far between here. It's probably best listened to using a pair of headphones.

Lest it be forgotten: to underline the witty wordplay in the album title, the cover artwork features a bi-coloured background in a blackcurrantish purple and a bright lime-like colour. Now, that's pretty subtle for a change. Not sure if "Black Current And Lime Light" is a regular release. To find out, please contact Mike at the following postal address:

West Lodge
224 Upper Shoreham Road
Sussex BN43 6BG

(rh 03/MMV)

"Everybody Die's" (sic!)