Sorrow featuring Michael Cashmore
"Let There Be Thorns", 7 inch picture single

"Sorrow" is the current project by Rose McDowell, remaining part of the 1980ies' Scottish all-girl-band Strawberry Switchblade, well-remembered for their unusual outfit and some nice, but melancholic pop-tunes.

Strawberry Switchblade broke up after having a last hit with the Dolly Parton cover-version "Jolene" in 1985, and Rose has since tried to start a new career. Sorrow is based on the collaboration of masterminds Rose and Robert Lee, who is responsible for the music.

Both sides of this limited picture-disc feature versions of the Sorrow-title "Let there be thorns". The song was given some special treatment for this release, and is enhanced with acoustic instruments and some string arrangements. The result is a calm, dreamy and sad tune on side A. Side B features a version arranged and performed by guitarist Michael Cashmore of "Nature and Organisation", who is closely related to the works of David Tibet in Current 93 and side projects. Michael's version sounds a lot like his own music, it is very minimal and not overly pathetic.

Obviously, this vinyl-single release is meant to be a collector's item: it is a limited edition, and the surface of the disc sports a cute picture of Rose and Robert on the front and a nice flower pattern (roses with thorns, of course) on the back - all in 1980ies-style picture-disc fashion.


Label: Piskidisk

Nice pictures, sad tunes (and collector's value)