Mark Pauline and GX Jupitter Larsen
Survival Research Laboratories Soundtrack CD

SRL founder Mark Pauline and GX Jupitter Larsen present a very special kind of soundtrack, compiled of recordings done for (and from) several shows of the Survival Research Laboratories. Expect an amorphous mix of fierce and warped noises coming at you at full throttle.

Those pioneers of destructive robot works, Survival Research Laboratories, have done quite a couple of stage shows since the late 1970ies. No two performances are identical, as most of the machinery is destroyed during the shows and the concepts are ever changing. Hence a possible soundtrack has to be flexible and improvisational to a certain degree.

Right, but why does a show that already produces a lot of machine noise need a soundtrack? Well, as a matter of fact the pre-recorded soundtrack is closely interwoven with the proceedings on stage, which means that what you hear at an SRL-show is a mix of pre-recorded and "live" sounds.

Four excerpts from SRL-shows are featured on this CD, compiled by Mark Pauline and one GX Jupitter Larsen, the creative force behind American noise terrorists The Haters. Jupitter Larsen has used tape recordings of brutal machine sounds, car crashes, revved-up engines, and the like. These have been heavily processed by sound effects, and out comes a dense and fierce wall of beautiful noise.

Is it listenable, or is it even l'art pour l'art? Perhaps, but the question is whether the soundtrack without the visuals of the live show makes any sense at all. On the other hand, SRL shows are few and far between, and this CD gives you the chance to bring a bit of the gruesome live atmosphere into your home.

To make the vision complete, the CD's front cover is adorned by the famous Mr. Satan robot from an early SRL-show, while the booklet sports a couple of pictures from the SRL archive as well as a short biography on the Survival Research Laboratories.

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Label: Sub Rosa
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Say hello to the Mr. Satan robot