Thee Majesty
"Time's Up", CD

This highly disturbing release is the result of several recording sessions Genesis P. Orridge and Bryin Dall did in 1998 and 1999. A strange mixture of spoken words and manipulated sounds, this CD is definitely to be filed under "Uneasy Listening".

Thee Majesty is the current project of Neil Megson, better known as Genesis P. Orridge. Some might remember Genesis as the mastermind behind Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV, or maybe even his performance art group Coum Transmissions from the 1970ies. Different forms of artistic expression, sure, but Genesis' personality shines through them all.

His projects, despite all their inherent cynicism, provocation (and black humour!), have always had an arty and intellectual flair to them. It is very obvious that Genesis does not care much about the style or form of his artistry - a fact that a lot of people find confusing.

When Psychic TV came out with their musical mixture of dance and trance, many fans of the early Throbbing Gristle were extremely upset and accused Genesis of having lost his track. In fact, quite the contrary is true: Psychic TV had evolved from previous projects in much the same way as Thee Majesty now have evolved from the legacy of Psychic TV.

"Time's up" is basically a spoken word CD. Genesis recites his surrealistic lyrics quite in the manner of a religious sermon, dedicated to a mystical deity. Bryin Dall, on the other hand, delivers a very minimal arrangement of noisy and sombre sounds on most of the titles. The challenging thing about "Time's up" is that it is so quiet - quiet and disturbing at the same time. A spooky magical trip beyond the borders of reality.

Label: Suffering Clown/World Serpent



Time's up for Thee Majesty