Venetian Snares
Meathole CD

Aaron Funk has booted his computer into destruction mode and vented his spleen by mixing, glueing, processing and alienating confusing rhythm patterns, sombre melody lines and found sounds.

Unlike many contemporary computer musicians who, in a very traditional attitude, use current software to create a simulacrum of music played on real instruments, Aaron Funk's project Venetian Snares doesn't even try to conceal the fact that its music is basically a patchwork of programmed drum loops, virtual instruments, readymade sounds from field recordings and audio snippets taken from movies or other musicians' recordings. The characteristic feature of Venetian Snares' musical output is certainly Aaron's eclectic approach coupled with an almost surgical precision in mixing and editing, but especially his obsession with odd meters and syncopation.

Apart from a few sombre interludes (usually based on dramatic pad sounds and alienated vocal samples), the music on "Meathole" is held together by an array of complex rhythmical figures that even advanced drummers would never be able to play. There's hardly a bass drum sound to be heard, for it's snappy and high-pitched percussion, clap and snare sounds Aaron's after. In combination with the ever-changing heavily syncopated rhythms this creates an unusual and tense atmosphere, and soon a feeling of unrest captures the listener.

Whereupon he or she may be reminded of all the weirdness and aggression civilized society has to offer. As that seems to be the objective behind "Meathole", the mission has definitely been accomplished. On a strictly technical level, this album represents a remarkable and original example of computer patchwork music.

(rh 03/MMVI)

Label: Planet Mu
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