Darkvaks 3-inch CD

"Voks" is the Danish word for "wax", and, just like hot molten wax, Voks' music is extremely flexible and it just hurts so good.

Consider this: the artist known as Voks has been brought up in a rural area north of Copenhagen and in his adolescence develops a favour for solitary walks through the adjacent woods (whereupon he probably meets fairies and midgets and finds the odd mushroom), but also for the world of computers.

Even in his childhood he'd indulged in creating noise by means of his toy collection or mother's household appliances. Later, when learning how to write computer programs, the machine becomes a welcome tool for the production of pretty weird sounds. Well, at least that's roughly what Voks' biography says.

"Darkvaks" is Voks' second album, and it's released as a very cute iccle three-inch compact disc. The Surrealist cover artwork may point the listener in the right direction, for the music on "Darkvaks" is likewise irrational and inexplicable. Sudden tempo changes, absurd anti-song structures, polyrhythmical patterns, melodies from the children's songbook, and random bleep sequences reminiscent of a robot gone mad, form a fascinating alliance.

At any given point, the sound clusters remain suggestive, yet utterly indefinite. Sometimes, Voks' sonic frolics even put a smile on your face - it's just so weird you can't help it. This is truly mind-expanding music, and therefore highly recommended!

(rh 05/MMV)

Label: Dekorder 

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