A guideline to ECM

If you want to get a quick overview on the ECM-output you might consider listening to the CDs "ECM Spectrum Vol. 1" (no ECM-number, released in 1987), "Selected Signs 1" (ECM 1650, 1997) and "Selected Signs 2 - Suite for Sampler" (ECM 1750, 2000), as well as an anthology released by ECM's sub-label "New Series", aptly titled "You wish to see: Listen. Hearing is a step toward Vision." (ECM New Series 1405, 1989).

There is also a CD-series called "Works" (no ECM-number) that introduces the listener to the musical works of selected ECM-musicians, namely Jan Garbarek (released in 1973), Gary Burton (1976), Ralph Towner (1979), Egberto Gismonti (1979), Pat Metheny (1982), Keith Jarrett (1978), Chick Corea (1983), Jack DeJohnette (1981), Terje Rypdal (1985) and Eberhard Weber (1974), Pat Metheny "Works 2" (1980), Bill Frisell (1983), Lester Bowie (1986), John Abercrombie (1979) and Collin Walcott (1983).

A remarkable book with a focus on the cover design of ECM-releases is titled "ECM - Sleeves of desire" (Lars Mueller Publishers, 1996, ISBN 3-906700-85-2). This publication features pictures of all original covers, beginning with ECM-number 1001 up to number 1597. It is out of print now, but some leftovers might be available through ECM's mailorder.

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"Sleeves of desire", the book for ECM enthusiasts - sadly out of print now

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