Spleen and ideal


In December 1979, Joy Division played a concert at Les Bains Douches in Paris (part of the show was broadcast by Paris FM Radio), and Pierre took the chance to get in touch with Ian Curtis to show him the concept. Ian was quite impressed by the idea and agreed to do a collaboration. "Licht und Blindheit" (released in March 1980, just 2 months before Ian commited suicide) featured the two songs "Dead Souls" and "Atmosphere", both of which had been recorded during the sessions for the single "Transmission" and produced by Martin Hannett. The single was packaged in an extravagant colour folder, featuring a text by Pierre, a sombre painting by Jean-Francois Jamoul, and a bandphoto by Anton Corbijn. 1578 copies were produced and distributed in France only.

The first of the combined record/magazine editions of Sordide Sentimentale had however been dedicated to Throbbing Gristle and featured the songs "We Hate You" and "Five Knuckle Shuffle". TG-mastermind Genesis P. Orridge has since become close friends with Pierre, and has done several collaborations with Sordide Sentimentale, for example the "Descending" live-CD, the first CD-release on the label - and that was at a time when CD-players were few and far between. Also worth mentioning: the Psychic TV Video-CD "Listen today" from 1987 (because it was done with special participation of William S. Burroughs, Bryon Gysin and Derek Jarman).

Other artists that have collaborated with Sordide Sentimentale include Half Japanese, Durutti Column, Tuxedomoon, Martyn Bates, and Monte Cazazza. From 1985 on, most of the releases used the CD-format and featured more songs than previous editions. The artistic spectrum spanned from independent pop music and electronica to experimental and even classical styles, showing some maturity in Pierre's taste of music. For the past few years, however, there have not been any further releases by the French label, the latest edition contains a CD dedicated to French experimental electro act Steeple Remove and was published in 1998.

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"Licht und Blindheit" inner sleeve photo by Corbijn


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