The Staalplaat network

Staalplaat have distribution contracts with many likeminded labels, such as Warp, Side Effects, Soleilmoon and Mille Plateaux, and some artists are merely "swapped" between the labels. British artist Bryn Jones, also known as Muslim Gauze, has been one of the artists closely related to Staalplaat.

Jones tragically died of an extremely rare blood disease on January 14, 1999, and left a rich legacy of experimental recordings. He had developed a strangely unique style by mixing Western and Eastern culture in his music, pairing instruments from the Middle East with mechanical beats. Staalplaat honoured Jones by dedicating the sublabel "Muslimlim" exclusively to his music. Each release on Muslimlim features special sleeveartwork and is produced with extra care.

Some artists on the Staalplaat roster have been granted huge acclaim by their following: Hafler Trio, Muslim Gauze and Zoviet France have almost become stars of the experimental music scene. Yet it is still Geert-Jan's idealism that keeps Staalplaat alive: he's definitely not in it for the money, and it's the same with the other four members in Staalplaat. You bet they will not stop churning out radical music for years or decades to come.

Some artists on Staalplaat:

Edward Ka-spel (Legendary Pink Dots)
Jim O' Rourke
Asmus Tietchens
Jo Truman
Zoviet France
Fetisch Park
Ryoji Ikeda
Kapotte Muziek

Nocturnal Emissions


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