Suilven Records
On the fringes

The land north of the Scottish border is notorious for its plethora of guitar-driven Indie bands, but also for its dramatic landscape, the latter of which being part of the inspiration for record label owner and musician Daniel Patrick Quinn.

Re: online label
Expect the unexpected

20 years in the music business with Siouxsie and the Banshees had provided Steven Severin with sufficient insight as to set up his own independent record label in the late 1990ies. Re:, as it is called, is meant to be a playground for Steven's own projects and like-minded experimental artists.

Sordide Sentimentale
The French connection

25 years ago, a small fanzine and record label began to publish highly collectable 45-rpm records of bands like Joy Division, Durutti Column or Tuxedomoon: Sordide Sentimentale, Rouen, France. The idea behind the label was conceived, when Pierre Turmel saw a concert of the band TV Toy in Boston.

ECM Records
Voice of the avantgarde

German record label ECM has been a seminal publishing platform for challenging musicians over the past three decades. ECM, an acronym that stands for "Edition of Contemporary Music", is the intellectual baby of Manfred Eicher, who formed the label in Munich way back in 1969.

Re/Search publications
Investigating in counterculture

San Francisco based Re/Search publications have been dedicated to providing sophisticated information for the countercultures of the Western world for more than two decades. Re/Search show particular interest in the social, cultural and historical background of sub-culture.
The Blaster's voice

Staalplaat is not merely a record label, it is in fact a musicians' microcosm. Everything is there, for Staalplaat works almost like a machine: they produce, publish, distribute and sell, organize and visualize music - and they have their own radio and fanzine too.
Radio Future 2
Radio-Activity in Germany

Radio Future 2, once started as a pirate radio station, has evolved into an important platform for electronic and alternative music styles. The story of Radio Future 2 (or RF2, as it is nicknamed) is in fact the story of Gregor Plum and Mixmaster UB from Frankfurt/Main, Germany.